Computational decision support.

Numerical forecasting - modelling, estimation and parameter studies

  • Actuarial microdata based forecasting
  • Maintenance models for machinery
  • Computational finance and health care statistics
  • Computational mechanics
  • Mathematical models
  • High performance computing and software development
  • Consulting based on computational analysis


General and precise tools for forcasting and analysis

  • CARE - Computation of Administrative Risks and Estimates
  • COMPARE - COMPutation of Actuarial Risks and Estimates (including high-speed general solvency II models)
  • SimxonCARE - Maintenance forecasting and mechanics
MPI, parallel computing, GPU computation, high performance computing, computational finans, actuarial testing, parameter identification

Consulting and Computing

Consulting, computation and software development in the following areas

  • Independent testing of actuarial quantities
  • Test reports
  • Life-insurance calculations, specifications and development
  • Parameter identification and estimation
  • Socioeconomic forecasting
  • Maintenance models for machinery, damage evolution, failure and fatigue
  • Model evaluation
  • Aspects of finance
  • High-performance computing
  • Compute architecture
  • Computational and mathematical software development
  • Periodic boundary value problems and mechanics
  • Machine learning and AI
  • Mathematica
  • Discount supercomputing
  • Business decision support
  • Business cases based on quantitative analysis
  • Project management