Actuarial tools

Mathematica and models

  • Testing of actuarial quantities in Mathematica
  • Model development and evaluation
  • Code-generation
  • High-precision numerics


COMPutation of Actuarial Risks and Estimates.

COMPARE computes market value allowance, solvency II allowance (1. order, 2. order and 3. order), benchmark, incl. cohort effects, all cash-flows, all liabilities and all assets and can easily be extended to handle internal models (e.g. including additional states dealing with disability termination). With our general kernel as a starting point a number of optimization studies can be performed, since a large number of scenarios can be computed in very short time.


All cash-flows are computed and general N-state models are treated in a very fast numerical setup.


A number of possibilities exist for choosing (time-dependent) transition intensities. For example a very general Lee-Carter format is available.


Easy and fast implementation of new models.


COMPARE may be setup to run on a variety of platforms including standard PC's running Windows operating systems, Linux etc.COMPARE can be used as an add-on tool, a service or it can run as a stand-alone application.


Scientific reference methods are used throughout, so that rigorous precision goals are achieved.


New: A large number of life-insurance types "grundformer" is implementet. Forward interest curves are used in scenarie computations.


New: Extension to handeling individual policies


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