Gmech - about us

Niels J Sørensen

Niels J Sørensen

MSc (eng. physics and mechanics), PhD, Reader

  • Experienced project manager, programmer and research leader
  • Many years' experience with computational software development
  • Solid knowledge of actuarial computations
  • Actuarial testing
  • Experienced specialist in high-performance computing
  • Author of a number of scientific papers on simulations, mechanics and applied numerics
  • Experience with compute architecture
  • Policy-advancement, PAL (insurance tax),  policy simulation frameworks etc.
  • Solvency II and profitability related parameter studies
  • Stress and scenario computations in life insurance
  • Finite state models and stochastic socio-economic models
  • Parameterestimation
  • Micro-data analysis
  • Certified instructor in Wolfram Mathematica 2012
  • Member of the Danish Actuarial Association
Jan Buschardt - External collaborator

Jan Buschardt - External collaborator

Jan is an experienced chief actuary and has a broad experience in

  • Actuarial science
  • Life- and non-life insurance, reassurance and aspects of finance
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Parameter identification and estimation
  • Solvency II and profitability analysis
  • Overall system design
  • Introduction of new systems in insurance companies
  • Actuarial specifications

Gmech Computing ApS is a danish innovation company selling our products CARE and Compare and associated services. 

Our way - mission and vision


The mission of Gmech Computing is to apply and develop modern computational methods for parameter studies and parameter identification/estimation. To this end it must be understood that parameter studies, parameter identification and estimation are very general concepts going across a number of different areas where computational analysis is in use.

The focus of Gmech Computing is on several such fields:

  • Life-insurance. The need for analysis of profitability, solvency and parameter-estimation in life insurance introduce is clearly a focus area where the mission of Gmech is to develop and apply modern computational software for analysis.
  • Forecasting. In particular socioeconomic forecasting but also engineering applications.
  • High-performance computing/compute intensive applications. Furthermore, it is the mission to apply and develop high-performance computer technology on parameter studies and parameter identification within insurance, finance, engineering and life-science.



As a specialist company assisting and improving the model world of our customers by using computational technology and corresponding theories, to formulate, simplify, estimate, identify and optimize selected problems within insurance, finance and engineering. Our focus is on parameter studies and parameter identification/estimation. With this focus we are standing at the crossroads between life-insurance, engineering, finance and life-sciences ready to serve our customers as specialists.


Gmech - Generel Models, Engineering Computations and Heuristics